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Updated March 4, 2023

Penny Waverly

One preschool mother’s mission to find the best virtual preschool for her daughter...


We all want the best for our children, especially in their youngest, most vulnerable years. I was on a mission starting in the spring when COVID-19 first began to spread widely to find the absolute best online preschool for my 4-year-old daughter. The long search was worth the wait when I found Creative Kids Virtual Preschool and Ms. Denise – not to mention Ollie the Crow (Ms. Denise's cute puppet helper)!


I worried about finding a virtual preschool program that would hold my child’s interest. It’s just not the same as in-person learning. My daughter is a bit high energy, and it’s hard to keep her attention sometimes. I was afraid that online pre K would be boring for her.

I searched and looked at I don’t know how many programs. I researched what I should look for and what to pay. My child’s education is priceless, but we are a normal family on a budget, especially with COVID-19 issues to deal with.


I wanted someone with experience but a virtual preschool program that would reach her right here at home, whether she uses it on the laptop in her room or on the computer in our office. I just knew I needed something both educational and fun, with projects and other things to keep my child busy, but learning.

Many of the preschool online learning programs seemed stuffy and too “educational,” if that makes sense – they didn’t make learning fun. To me, that’s a must for our youngest.

I’m now one of hundreds if not thousands of moms of preschool children who have discovered Ms. Denise and wow! What a life saver as we put up with the problems caused by COVID-19.

As I said, I tried other online preschool programs and my child was bored. Now, she loves Ms. Denise so much that she asks to do preschool every day. We’d be lost without this program!


As in many families, the proof is on the refrigerator – our fridge is decorated with many of her creations thanks to Ms. Denise’s fun ideas. I don’t think my daughter even realizes she’s doing virtual preschool sometimes. She just has fun and makes cool stuff! She loves to show it off.

I don’t usually expect “something for nothing,” but the free online preschool offered at Creative Kids has been perfect for us. I was afraid for my daughter’s future when it looked like she might miss her first year of preschool because of the pandemic. Ms. Denise’s lessons have made a huge difference in expanding her education beyond what I as a parent can offer.


Her virtual Pre K lessons are thoughtful, interactive, and really well put together, as good as and even better than any others I’ve seen. This is truly like an answered prayer for our family. Even my older children seem a little jealous that my 4-year-old has such a good time learning!

Ms. Denise’s preschool online learning is convenient, with prerecorded lessons that we can use whenever we need them. They’re about 30 minutes long and are fun along with being engaging and educational.

As I said, I was afraid that virtual preschool might be boring, but the curriculum that Ms. Denise offers FREE (I still can’t believe it!) is theme based with things my 4-year-old loves, like farms, insects, pets, seasons, community helpers, and dinosaurs, as examples.


She enjoys the hands-on projects and story times with Ms. Denise and songs they all sing with Ollie. They keep her attention, and Ms. Denise really knows how to connect with children.

There is just something really special about the way she teaches. She talks to the kids as if they are actually there with her in the same room. She asks lots of questions, giving her preschool students a chance to interact by responding (even though in reality she can’t hear them, of course). My child is enthralled.

Ms. Denise is motherly, she’s cool, and she gets excited about things the way my preschooler gets excited, so she connects with the kids on their level, which my daughter absolutely loves!


I have to re-think that old saying that “you get what you pay for,” because this online pre K is excellent – and it really is free! It’s the best virtual preschool I can recommend from personal experience. I can’t thank Ms. Denise enough.

I feel I’ve found the best online preschool for my daughter to get her started in her education. Other online preschool programs just don’t measure up to this one. And I know that Ms. Denise really cares because she offers her online preschool curriculum for free. Who else does that?!


I would encourage any parent looking at online preschool programs for their children to try Creative Kids and be prepared to be blown away with Ms. Denise and how much fun their youngster will have learning with her!


Meet Ms. Denise at and be prepared to be impressed! No other free virtual preschool, or paid online preschool program for that matter, measures up, in my mind!


P. Wong, Jan. 7, 2021

We had already decided prior to the pandemic that we wouldn’t enroll my 3yo son into preschool until he was 4, to save money. During the pandemic, I figured he should learn some basics, so I started teaching him to recognize letters and numbers. I also have a 6yo, so when she started “zoom school," I decided to start homeschooling him. So I bought a book to give me more structure and guidance, and also supplement with YouTube videos. I had low hopes for him because he has a short attention span and has never been in a classroom setting. But he surprised me. He’s been doing pretty well with writing his numbers and letters and actually remembering them as we move along. I was going to purchase another book after completing the letters. Then a friend told me about this FREE Creative Kids Virtual Preschool! The book and these classes have similar themes, so I decided to give these virtual preschool classes a try. And as it turns out, my son loves it! He told me he really likes his new teacher, Ms. Denise! I even caught him singing the hello song! I guess “Teacher Mommy” isn’t cutting it for him haha I don't blame him; it’s not my cup of tea, neither. I’m really happy about his excitement for these virtual preschool classes because in the past, whenever we would mention that he would go to school soon, he would start crying. So when the time comes for him to actually GO to school, I hope he will be more open and willing. Ms. Denise is really engaging. I feel like we are actually in the classroom with her! Thank you so much for your resources!


S. Pal, Jan. 8, 2021

We were sure to send our kid to preschool as he turned 4. But then the pandemic came. Ms. Denise with her affordable rates is a godsend. This free online preschool helped us create much needed structure to our day. Thank you, Ms. Denise.


E. Kayers, Jan. 8, 2021

We started with Ms. Denise's free virtual preschool curriculum as something to keep my 3 year old occupied since we aren't going anywhere. Now, we are on the paid Winter online preschool curriculum, and both my 3 and 1.5 year olds watch. My older kiddo knows all his letters and numbers, and is starting to understand pattern recognition, something I never would have thought to teach him. My younger loves the hello and goodbye songs and has learned to blow kisses to Ollie. Both enjoy doing the "fun projects" that Ms. Denise includes with each lesson. This virtual preschool is well worth the small cost!!


M. Oliver, Jan. 8, 2021

As a single stay at home mom. I was looking for a virtual preschool for my 3 year old daughter. I happened to see an ad for Ms. Denise virtual preschool on facebook. I checked it out and got the free preschool curriculum. My daughter loves it. The winter classes are affordable and worth it for any parent trying to save Money on preschool at this time. I love the lessons and activities especially Ollie. My daughter asks for preschool when she wants to learn. my daughter will be ready for next year.


G. Banaji, Jan. 8, 2021

As a stay at home mom and helping my older son with his fifth grade work, I thank-you, Ms. Denise and Ollie!!! My younger son would have been in his last year of preschool but due to the pandemic, myself and my husband decided to keep our boys at home! I was looking for a virtual preschool for my son and I happened to see an ad for the virtual preschool on Facebook. I checked it out and all I can say is that it is great! My son just loves your show and loves Ollie! Thank you so much!!!!!


A. Maggelet, Jan., 11, 2021

My daughter absolutely love every single online preschool class! She wakes up every morning saying “yesss!! Is time for school” I would never thought I would have a kid that could say those words lol she is almost three and enjoys the activities and all the show specially Ollie ! Thank you so much for these preschool videos


T. Agre, Jan. 11, 2021

My husband and I have had to reisolate our family because we are in a hot spot with super high infectious rates. Our almost 4 year old daughter is so sad to not be going to her small group home daycare. It's especially hard since mom, dad, and older sister are on the computer for work/school, and little sister is not. We looked and looked for a virtual preschool program for her to do and found Miss Denise's program. We said for free?? Why not give it a shot? It's amazing. Our daughter loved every minute, she was singing along, talking back to Miss Denise and playing the games. She can't wait to have school again each day. I am so thankful to have found her online preschool program so that my daughter can feel a part of what we are all doing. She's happy and spends all dinner talking about all the things she's learning. Thank you for this learning opportunity for my daughter!


S. Gittens, Jan. 11, 2021

I came across the Creative Kids Virtual Preschool in a facebook group I am in. I was looking for content for my three year old. When I saw there were free virtual preschool lessons I was like "hmm let me check this out" and it was the best decision. The quality of the recordings was amazing and the content was excellent! Thank you Miss Denise and of course Ollie


C. Erb, Jan. 11, 2021

I saw Creative Kids Virtual Preschool advertised on Facebook. We were looking for something educational and fun for our 4 year old son since plans for preK had fallen through due to COVID. When I saw it was free I figured it didnt hurt to try it out. It was the best decision we made! We loved it so much that we decided to continue on by paying for the winter preschool curriculum. It is well worth the money! Ms. Denise is so wonderful; she makes the classes very fun and educational! I also love that she provides packets of worksheets that we can print out and additional fun crafts to do! My son really enjoys seeing her and Ollie the Crow. What a blessing Creative Kids Virtual Preschool has been!


M. Nicky, Jan. 11, 2021

As it became time to begin the 2020-21 school year, we decided that we would homeschool our two girls (7 and 3) due to concerns with the pandemic. At the time, I was disappointed that my 3 year old would not have the same preschool experience as her sister. Luckily Ms. Denise came to the rescue! I noticed a Facebook ad for a free virtual preschool program for the fall and decided to register. This online preschool program has far exceeded my expectations and we decided to continue with the winter program. Each day, Ms. Denise truly connects with the children and provides meaningful lessons. Beyond the lessons, she provides additional ideas for activities that we can do with our children offline. I love this because it allows us to easily extend the week's preschool lessons without being connected to the screen. What started out as disappoint that my daughter would not have a typical preschool experience has turned into such a blessing. I have been able to work with my daughter everyday, seeing those "a-ha" moments first hand. This time together is something that I will always cherish. A huge thank you to Ms. Denise for her wonderful and free online preschool program!


S. Waiman, Jan. 11, 2021

My son's preschool was closed due to the pandemic. I was so grateful that my friend recommended Ms. Denise's virtual preschool program for me. We registered for the free preschool program in Sept and my son has enjoyed watching it since then. We are now having the paid Winter program and we love it even more. Ms. Denise added extra mini lessons and bonus projects for us every day. My son loves the creative projects and the storytelling part a lot. Thanks Ms. Denise for the wonderful and affordable preschool program. I recommended a few parents to join and they all love it too.


A. Butcher, Jan. 14, 2021

Ms. Denise is amazing. She provides such a gift to so many families. We decided to keep my 4 year old come due to covid 19 and this online preschool program has been a lifesaver. He looks forward to it each day. Ms. Denise and Ollie are so engaging and fun. My son loves this and we will be forever grateful that Ms. Denise took so much time to provide this experience for kids at home. Thank you so much!


A. Ahmad, Jan. 14, 2021

As a full-time working mother with two kids home in the pandemic, an older son navigating a new middle school virtual learning environment and my 4-year old daughter , I was at a lost of how to educate her from home. I had never "homeschooled" before, desperately needed some structure and ideas, but wanted my daughter to have fun learning! I searched everywhere and joined a ton of FB and IG groups. I would screenshot ideas, but they often stayed in one place: my phone. A demanding job made it hard to make these ideas a reality. But, when I found Ms. Denise's virtual preschool, it was seriously an answer to my prayers. She had themes/topics each week, book list, supply list and associated extra activities/worksheets for learning preschool online. The organization has been a lifesaver as I prep on the weekend and make sure all supplies are ready for the week and am able to spend quality time with my daughter helping her during the week. In addition, Ms. Denise walks through all the steps for projects making it easy to do (can't say that for all the projects I come across). I can't believe how much my daughter remembers and learns! I would not have been able to do this on my own, thank you Ms. Denise for saving preschool for Aleema this year!


A. Sharper, Jan. 14, 2021

If you are unsure about this online preschool, don't be! It is perfect for my 3yo daughter, and my almost 2 year old loves it, too. All of the preschool projects are great and the best part IMO. We do not print out and do the worksheets or extra practice anymore as we are in it for the stories and projects :) So worth it. My daughter likes to watch some over her favorites again. Also at dinner she tells us all about everything she learned: "Did you know that caterpillars turn into butterflies!?!?!" I was struggling to get some structure to our day, and come up with fun things to do. This virtual preschool curriculum was the answer to my prayers.


S. Whitworth, Jan. 14, 2021

My 4 yr old son had been in preschool until the pandemic hit and his school/daycare was shut down for months. I am so glad I came upon this free online preschool program from Facebook ads. My son loved it and enjoyed it right from when we started. He loves all the activities they do each work and learning about new stuff. I am so thankful for Ms. Denise and her dedication to doing this online preschool for kids to be able to continue their learning during this crazy time. We have decided to keep him home and continue with the Winter program. We are very happy and pleased with this program. Thanks!!!


S. Banic, Jan. 14, 2021

I was so upset when we decided not to send my daughter to traditional pre-k this year. I wanted to try a virtual preschool program but had no luck. I purchased several programs and printed numerous print outs to try to put my own “home schooling” curriculum together. I never felt like it was enough. Then I came across Creative Kids Virtual Preschool on a Instagram ad and I was very interested! I saw it was free and figured i would give it a try. GAME CHANGER! Not only does my four year love it but my 2 year old is engaged as well. During times like this- it was so refreshing to find something that felt normal. We feel like we are in a real classroom! I even learned a thing or two when watching LOL. We enjoy doing the crafts as well and my daughter loves to tell her dad what she learned about school. I’m so grateful I took the time to look into your program and it’s been absolutely wonderful so far!


S. Garcia, Jan. 14, 2021

I have two daughters who are 5 and 3 years old, when the pandemic started my first born was 4 and due to start preschool. We decided that it was best to not register her since we were unsure of what the future held for our schools. I have some experience working with children in my professional career but I have never taught or came up with my own curriculum. I was very excited to come across Creative Kids Preschool on Facebook. I had already been doing my own preschool lessons with the girls but Miss Denise was a blessing! If you are looking to provide your little ones with great lessons that are fun and captivating this is it! It’s affordable and easy to follow. Miss Denise provides you with everything you need each week including supplemental worksheets and activities. We absolutely love this program!


M. Barral, Jan. 14, 2021

While our two older kids went to school or participate by virtual mode, our youngest daughter (three years old) had nothing to do and felt sad, because they siblings were occupied doing homework. So, we started to look for a virtual preschool for her, not only to give her the first steps on words and numbers but in English. This was by far, the best virtual preschool learning that we found, she loves the classes and the activities!! She is so excited every time that have to see the classes.


A. Hall, Jan. 14, 2021

My daughter is three years old and quickly lost interest in my being her teacher since she could not attend preschool in person this year. But she loves to watch Ms. Denise and then do the projects. Every project is perfect for her age and ability level. They also use craft supplies I have around the house anyway and can set up in minutes. I’m so glad we found Ms. Denise. She and her online preschool are saving my sanity and doing a great job of teaching my daughter.


L. Hostetter, Jan. 15, 2021

As a certified teacher turned stay at home mom, I am really picky about how my littles spend their screen time. I knew this year if they were going to be watching something that I wanted it to be educational. I like that this program is a real person and I love Ollie the adorable puppet. Ms. Denis moves at a real life pace, and I appreciate her use of concrete objects in her lessons along with the integration of songs, and books. I'm a huge fan of her felt board and how she uses it to highlight key elements of the lesson. I like that she gives pauses for the kids to shout out their own answers. I chose to use this virtual preschool program because my children are watching a real person and it feels more like how an in person lesson would be. We started with the free online preschool lessons and decided to buy into the Winter ones as well.


A. Dee, Jan. 17, 2021

This is my son's first preschool experience and after week 1 of the free curriculum, we're hooked! Miss Denise is exactly the teacher I would wish for if school were in person and I'm so happy to have found such an engaging person to help guide my little guy. I love that she reads so many cute stories that we don't have at home and the project ideas are both educational and fun! This is a great introduction for the littlest learners and excellent content for the older preschoolers as well. Miss Denise, thank you for such a great start to our weekdays!


B. Gash, Jan. 18, 2021

Denise’s virtual preschool program has given my 3 year old an opportunity to learn and be creative through the amazing crafts. I was struggling to keep her engaged in my attempt at homeschool preschool. Denise and Ollie keeps

Her engaged while she is learning. The crafts helped her develop her fine motor skills. The worksheets have increased her written skill immensely. I have really enjoyed this virtual preschool program and recommend it to many.


L. Bosken, Jan. 19, 2021

I was so sad that my daughter would not be able to attend preschool since all of our local schools closed due to COVID and then we came across Creative Kids Virtual Preschool with Miss Denise and Ollie, her puppet crow who sends and catches kisses at the end of each lesson. I cannot put into words how thankful we are for what Miss Denise has put together. The Fall online preschool lessons that she offered for everyone were great but the winter lessons are even more amazing.

The daily videos are so engaging, fun, and educational. Starting with the ‘Hello Song’ to the games, stories, and poems that teach important skills, and the daily crafts and ‘Goodbye Song’, my daughter loves it. My 2 and 1 year olds will also sit and be attentive for most of the video too! I am blown away by all of the materials that are also part of the program. Each day has a bonus craft and mini lesson and there are many papers that are easy to print to practice writing letters and numbers, and skills such as patterns, coloring, cutting, and others.

Miss Denise is also really active on her Facebook page and it makes my daughters day to hear what Miss Denise has said about how she did on her project when we post. Before we found Miss Denise, I had thought that I could come up with fun ways to go over letters and things with my daughter and I very quickly realized that it was beyond what I could do without guidance. The truest statement from the Creative Kids Virtual Preschool is that it IS “where kids ask to do school”. Thank You Miss Denise!


A Graves, Jan. 23, 2021

We love Ms. Denise! My 4 year old needed a preschool, but due to the pandemic, he couldn’t attend in person. A friend of a friend recommended Ms. Denise and we are SO grateful! He LOVES Ms. Denise. These virtual preschool lessons are perfect and he’s learning. I think it’s a great program on its own or a supplement with other in-person learning. We highly recommend Ms. Denise! You’ll be glad you joined her virtual preschool.


E. Walster, Jan. 23, 2021

When the pandemic started my 4 year old moved to the virtual preschool classes offered by his preschool. We were continuing those classes until I came across Ms Denise virtual program on Facebook. The content and the structure looked good, so I decided to give it a try. I can say that these virtual preschool classes are far better than the online preschool classes provided by my kids preschool. The kid feels the classes are interactive even when they are not. The content is superb and the price is great too!! We stopped our kid's preschool classes and moved to Ms Denise virtual preschool classes. Thank you so much Ms Denise!!


S. Keomis, Jan. 25, 2021

My son is absolutely taken to Ms. Denise from Creative Kids Virtual Preschool. The virtual preschool lessons run approximately 30-32 minutes and Ms. Denise and her sweet puppet friend Ollie captivate the kids attention from the beginning to end with their hello song and goodbye song. The children work on everything from colors, numbers, alphabet, story time, and poems in the most creative ways!. Ms. Denise always responds to my messages about my son and loves the pictures that I send to her. Also she has a wonderful FB page where there are a community of parents, very like minded all wanting the very best for their children. We are so very blessed to have found this online preschool and have every intention to stay with it! We reside in Texas, and COVID has been beyond hard here, the requirements for children this age to wear masks, compounded with the constant risk of exposure were simply too much for our family and thankfully we found Ms. Denise. Give it a try; you will literally watch your kids learning and fall in love with being a part of the process.

Meet Ms. Denise at and you will see! No other FREE virtual preschool, or paid online preschool program loves on your kids and teaches them like Ms. Denise. She is one of a kind!

J. Pena

Thank you for doing this!! I was searching everywhere to get my son engaged with some kind of virtual preschool online, worksheets and etc and nothing works. This changed when I found you on fb. 3 days ago, we are doing the fall lessons, he is excited to see the videos and do the crafts! God bless you!! My little one sings the hello and good bye song, and my old one sees the videos on his school breaks, both like you and Ollie!! So excited to continue with the free online pre-k winter curriculum.


A Lynn

I just signed up! I’m so excited I found this virtual preschool on my Facebook page. It’s been frustrating and rough with all the virtual schooling online and once I came across this I knew I had to sign my son up for free preschool. We are excited to explore with your program. It looks very cute and I’m so thankful that your doing this! It’s very kind of you. We/I can’t wait!


S. Ho

She loves to sing the hello and goodbye song with your free online preschool. Today, her little cow is Ollie. She is enjoying the nutrition-fruits video!


A Marie

I’d been looking for a virtual preschool program for my sons (Ben, 3 yo & Nicholas, almost 5 yo) and came across this one. Just started today. They absolutely love watching Ms. Denise and Ollie and you can see they had a blast with painting their barn. This free online preschool is great for my family! Nicholas & Ben say they love their virtual preschool lessons!


R. Hummel

I just found this free online preschool program today and feel like I hit the lottery! I had purchased another preschool program for my 4 year old son but it was 8 weeks of worksheets. They were okay but they are done now and we were struggling. He had been in daycare up until March and now both he and his sister (1st grade) are at home for the foreseeable future.

Today I set him up with the butterfly lesson from Ms. Denise’s online preschool. He sat and watched to intently! He answered the questions, even was asking Ms. Denise to repeat something and then read me The Very Hungry Catipillar and showed his sister how to make the butterfly craft. I asked him how he liked the online pre-k and he said “I loved it”. Thank you so much for making these online preschool lessons available!


A Marie

Earlier today I was feeding their baby sister and looked over to see them playing “Ms. Denise’s game.” We had just finished the ocean lessons Friday through your free online preschool so they had grabbed their baby shark puzzle to play it. Even on weekends they’re wanting to do “school games” from preschool online learning and asked to watch a new lesson after this. I’ve worked with preschool kids before in a previous job so it’s been helping, but I also have a newborn so using your free online program really helps me out big time!


J. Lahring

I just wanted to thank you so much for this amazing free online preschool program. We decided to learn from home this year and preschool was not going as I had hoped on our own. I stumbled upon your virtual preschool and it has brought so much joy and excitement for learning to our house! Thank you so much!


R. Stuen

My 2.5 yo has been enjoying watching Miss Denise and Ollie for free preschool online learning for about a month now! These are wonderfully engaging videos that make him feel like he’s “doing school” like his older brother (kindergarten). He gets so excited when I say it’s time to watch Miss Denise! He loves singing along and answering the questions with this virtual preschool. The mini lessons have really solidified his shape identification that we’ve been working on. Thank you for offering these preschool lessons!!


E. De Leo

What age would you say these free online preschool lessons are tailored to? I’m looking for my 2.5 year old to do (educationally) while I am with his older brother and sister but still make him feel like he is doing school as well.

ANSWER from S. Baker: My 26month old and just turned 5 year old will both sit and enjoy the full online preschool lesson with Ms. Denise! It’s a little above the youngest and below the oldest, but they are both engaged!

ANSWER from R. Stuen: My 2.5 yo loves these preschool videos! We don’t do most of the crafts at the end, but he loves the stories, songs, and games from this online preschool. He gets to excited when I say it’s time for Miss Denise and Ollie!


F. Mala

Thanks Denise for sharing virtual preschool Fall season lessons for free. When you say “where children ask to do school” it is definitely 100% this will happen. My daughter is 2 ½ years old and everyday she asks to watch Denise and Ollie’s online preschool classes. It is impressive how she pays attention to your free lessons. She is watching all lessons of the fall season again lol. By the way, We are Brazilians living in Rio de Janeiro. I am raising her bilingual. I am so glad she fully understands you !!!! thanks for helping every mom and kids making our days so special with your free online preschool lessons in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. From mom Fabiola and little Sophie


H. Huynh

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the effort and love you put into your virtual preschool lessons!! Your free preschool online is EXACTLY what I was looking for when we had to defer my son’s preschool enrollment due to covid. We don’t usually have screen time, so it was important that I found a virtual preschool that hit all my requirements, and Creative Kids does! Appreciate all that you do. Your passion for this really shines through. 😊


S. Josef

Thank you! My littlest is LOVING the videos from your free online preschool.


L. Schmitz

Thank you! What a blessing this has been and we are excited to work through the virtual preschool classes.


V. Nancarrow

We’re so excited for this preschool online learning! Thank you, Ms. Denise. Your passion for teaching preschool shows in your lessons, your thoughtfulness shows in your individual responses to posts, and your kindness shows in the generous free virtual lessons and very reasonable price thereafter. You are a bright light during hard times. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with us!


C. Jackson

We are sooooooo excited for the winter preschool classes online! Violet is only 3 but she loves Mrs Denise and Ollie!


A McClelland

As a teacher myself, who is teaching virtually, I know first hand how much time and effort goes into your online preschool lessons/videos and so appreciate them. My daughter is so excited for the new virtual lessons and often after watching them she says she wished Ms. Denise could come over to play.


G. Luhar

You are an incredible teacher (and human being) and I am so thankful for you and these free online preschool classes! I was feeling a bit sad that my youngest would miss doing all the fun preschool arts and crafts that his brothers had done when they were 3. You’ve absolutely brightened our mornings with preschool online learning!


A Ahmad

We are so thankful for you, Ms. Denise, and your free online preschool. You are an amazing teacher and make each family, both parent and child feel so welcomed and loved.


Brenna P.

My three-year-old twins are missing their first year of preschool because of the pandemic. I’m so grateful to have discovered your free online preschool lessons. I think they’ve made a huge different in expanding their education level beyond what I can provide. This preschool online learning is thoughtful, interactive, and really well put together. Even my older two children in elementary school think your lessons are fun.


A Butcher

We just started your online learning program and it has been amazing. We appreciate you and everything you have done with your virtual preschool. You are an answered prayer.


R. Curtis

My son and I have had so much fun exploring the online preschool lessons! He just turned 3 in November and really enjoys the variety of the way the information is taught! And just today (we are about 7 lessons in) he started singing along to the hello and goodbye sons! Thanks again! This free virtual preschool has helped give some purpose to our crafts!


Jan S.

I just wanted to tell you that my child LOVES Ms. Denise and preschool online learning with her! I am very grateful he gets to watch your videos. It’s really helped him enjoy spending a lot of time at home this year.


E. Craft

Thank you so much for allowing me to subscribe to your free online preschool curriculum. I am a grandma who watches my five and eleven year old grandsons while my daughter works. While the older grandson attends middle school virtually, I have been trying to help the younger grandson with activities for pre-k I find on line.

Last night my daughter emailed a link to your website. I started working this morning on the spring preschool lesson and here is what happened. Scot was having a rough morning and didn’t want any parts of it so I decided to start the first video while he was crying. Very soon after that he was quietly watching. Then he was answering back to you and finally he was saying the ten bright birdies with you, all tears forgotten. At this point I was sending blessings your way. Most of what I could find on the internet for preschool online learning involved coloring, cutting and pasting and that had gotten old quick. Your cheerful voice and manner was just what was needed.


L. Shukla

Anisha and Anvika love you so much Ms. Denise. Thank you so much for keeping them busy all day with so many fun online preschool projects.


J. Korn

We started Ms. Denise’s free preschool online learning at 2.5. At the beginning, it was on and my daughter would come and go. She couldn’t sit to watch it, but it seemed she was always paying attention even when she wasn’t watching. After a couple weeks she watched more and more. She turned three in November.


E. Johnson

I haven’t posted as much as I used to but we are still here and enjoying your free online preschool and all the projects! This has become such a nice part of our daily routine! You have put so much time and thought into everything! We are loving the winter themes!


M. Shadmani

Thank you so much for your kindness and sharing your priceless preschool curriculum online. I subscribed a few days ago and I saw the ad on Facebook. So far my son, Aiden, loves it and every night when I get home from work, he is watching one session (about 20 min) of the online course. He immensely falls in love with you and Ollie. Thank you again for making it easier for someone like me who has to go to work and cannot risk sending my son to daycare.


A. Mediboina

We are very much thankful for all your help with online preschool during this pandemic. My daughter is about to be 5 years old and she is very much excited about the videos and worksheets provided by you for preschool virtual learning.


A Leng-Wong

My son’s name is Avin. Your advertisement for free preschool online learning showed up on a friend’s Facebook feed, and she shared it with me. Avin is 3, but we had already decided prior to the pandemic that we wouldn’t enroll him into preschool until 4 yo, to save on some money. During the pandemic, I realized that Avin should be learning some basics, so I started teaching him to recognize letters and number. I have a 6 yo also, so when she started “zoom school,” I decided to buy a book to give me more structure, along with YouTube videos. I had low hopes for him because he has a short attention span and has never been in a classroom setting. But he surprised me. He’s been doing pretty well with writing his numbers and letters and actually remembering them as we move along. I was going to order another book catering completing the letters. Then my friend told me about your free virtual preschool classes! The book and your classes have similar categories, so I decided to give your classes a try. And as it turns out, Avin loves it! He told me he really likes his new teacher! I even caught him singing your hello song! I guess “Teacher Mommy” isn’t cutting it for him ha ha it’s not my cup of tea neither. I’m really happy about his excitement for your classes because in the past, whenever we would mention that he would go to preschool soon, too, he would start crying. So when the time comes for him to actually GO to school, I hope he will be more open and willing. Thank you so much for your resources!


C. Whitworth

Ms. Denise’s free online preschool program is the best I can say. My son is so excited to see Ollie in the class. Ms. Denise is so experienced. I love how she tells stories and makes them interesting, that’s so commendable for a free virtual preschool. I recommend this online preschool program to every parent who is seeking a good program for their kids.


A Gonzalez

My 4 year old has been our of preschool in-person and your online free preschool classes have been such a nice treat. Even my 6 year old enjoys sitting in! They also like to sing your “hello nice to see you song” all the time!! Thanks for doing this!


G. Hong

My son loves your free online preschool! Thank you whole-heartedly from this work-from-home-overtime mama.


H. Eubanks

We made fruit smoothies and turned Ms. Denise’s free online preschool on! We love watching this together. Thank you!


A Busch

The sailboat was a lot of fun for Judah, and I love preschool projects that are more time consuming for him! Win win!


M. Krynicky

After watching the video on airplanes we took a field trip to the local airport. So much fun! We are loving the videos and activities you provide for preschool online learning. Thank you!!


B. Schweikert

We thoroughly enjoyed our first week of virtual preschool!!! Eddie LOVED all the videos and activities! I’m incredibly thankful also for the supplemental packs and the engaging letter of the week worksheets! They are perfect and he was so proud of himself making and reading his book to everyone! Your free online preschool is wonderful! Thank you so so much!


D. Lundberg

My son loves any activity that means he gets to use his blocks. We love preschool online learning with your free virtual preschool! A+++


N. Patel

Learned about body parts of whale by making cute baby whale from cup & pipe cleaners. Did fun projects with preschool online learning by blowing bubbles & with bubble wrap. Thank you for fun free virtual preschool ideas.


A Falkenstern

So this past week in free online preschool we have skipped around on some of the virtual lessons; we have done some baking and decorating and planting our apple seeds, make our stop light, then went right into dinosaurs. She loves dinosaurs … went and made our volcano and fossils. Thank you Miss Denise and Ollie for this free virtual preschool. Bonnie was so excited to learn that she will be getting a puzzle gift in the mail. Thank you again.


Y. Del Valle

Sufi enjoys waking up in the morning to sing your morning song for free online preschool. For almost 2 months she’s been going to bed every night at 8:30 to see your video. She loved the helper videos with dad but didn’t want to do the activities. 😊 Thank you for your virtual preschool, it has been giving her a head start. I have been trying to put her in school for a year before the covid. The folder is getting full of all her class work. She’s been getting better in her coloring and tracing skills the past month with online preschool.


L. Ulufale

We finished up our transportation week and here is our craft. My son really enjoys his time with your free virtual preschool learning.


T. Wagner

Valerie finished community helpers today and we ended by baking mini pumpkin muffins. Yum! I love that she asks to do preschool. Thanks again for providing this great resource for free online learning!


B. Nicole

Prosper started lesson 1 today and has been telling us all about farms and his red barn. We love your free online preschool!


A Badertscher

Last week was farm week and this week was insects for us. She loves listening to the books and gets excited when Ms. Denise reads a book she has at home for online preschool. We also watched the movie Charlotte’s Web for farm week. She dressed up in a butterfly costume for the butterfly lesson today and had fun making the butterfly snack. She really likes singing the hello and goodbye songs too and asked me to show the video to her teacher.


A Ro

He is so happy to have a virtual teacher just like his big sister! Preschool online learning with your free virtual preschool is great for my son!


V. Camara

Sebastian and Elijah love the community helpers lessons with your free online preschool!! Sebastian wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

P.S. we made it all the way to the fire fighter behind the fire before we had to switch positions! They are getting so much better at focus thanks for your virtual preschool. Thank you!


L. Ambrose

Considering my son’s big phobia of bugs, he is really getting into insect week with free online preschool! We loved the added heart kisses from Ollie and other added visual effects in your videos. We can’t wait to buy a shirt to support his school!


Y. Huang

My daughter loves every virtual preschool lesson from the hello song to the fun activity. Thank you! We learned about sharks today. She created her girl shark who is sticking out her tongue.


A Luciano

We are on Insects Week with preschool online learning. As soon as you mention project my oldest one jumps in excitement and today was with play dough, his favorite. He asked to do a grasshopper like Teacher Denise. We didn’t have pipe cleaners and improvised with straws. It came out better than expected. He loves colors so this was a very colorful grasshopper. My little one enjoyed putting everything together on the play dough. Thanks again for all these preschool activities.


M. Hardy

Baby sister joined us today to learn about boats through online preschool! We had planned on not doing a lesson today (Dad got wisdom teeth pulled yesterday) but I can’t tell her no if she asks to ‘do school, Ms. Denise and Ollie?!’


K. Muma

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing these online preschool lessons!! When I decied to homeschool my son Alex for preschool this year, I felt so overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start, but I so desperately wanted to make it fun for him.

Your free virtual preschool lessons are an answered prayer!! Alex loves watching them and doing the daily art activity! Plus, you include so many fun and educational extras! It has made everything so much easier and more streamlined for me to base his preschool lessons off of! I truly appreciate all you do!!


J. Oliver

Yayyy so excited to start this new adventure in preschool online learning!! I can’t express enough how much this means to me. I was desperate until I found you!! And both of my kids love you and Ollie. This is priceless to me. Thank you.


S. Purandare

Thank you for being such an amazing preschool teacher. We are so fortunate that we got to know you through virtual preschool. Jayitri loved watching you and Ollie everyday.


P. Mohandas

We are so very thankful for having found your free online preschool. You are making such a big difference in my lil guy’s life.


A Cristiane

I just want to thank you for the wonderful work that you are doing through your free online preschool. My son Lucas loves all your lessons, and he speaks all the time about what he learned with you and Ollie. He answers your questions, sings with you, and tries to do all the projects.


M. Clark

You do such a great job making these preschool kiddos feel like you are talking to them in real time during preschool online learning. I could honestly cry with how much your lessons mean to her and has been one of the biggest blessings for us during this uncertain time. I am a 1st grade teacher (staying at home this year but plan on returning next year hopefully) and having your preschool virtual lessons an class meetings as the start to her day sets us on the right path to have a consistent routine at home. I see how much love and time you pour into your students and they are so lucky to have you this year! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Meaghan Button


We all thoroughly enjoyed your winter virtual preschool curriculum! Even our 10 month old appeared to zone in, which is amazing! I typically feed Dawson his breakfast solids after I have breastfed him while Emerson and Reighlynn are interacting with you. I start at 830a/9a after breakfast and our self care routine like making our bed, breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, vitamins, and while they eat breakfast I go over our calendar, weather and practice our address and phone numbers. There is so much truth out there about routines for kids, it is so important! I'm grateful that with you we did not get swallowed up and roll over during this pandemic but instead we have found comfort in each other and even I have re-learned quite a lot so far from you too that it awoke my inner teacher and got me excited to buy more then just groceries and seasonal/occasional toys. Right out the gate we haven't been the family that allows more then 1.5 hours of TV time, we save it for our nightly family snuggles on our giant sound of music bed.  We are so excited to start the Spring preschool online curriculum and will use this time to practice writing and our social interactions with siblings. Please keep doing what you are doing because we absolutely adore everything you and Ollie do and it is working in nearly every aspect of our lives!


One more little tidbit I will share with you: Our five year old Emerson, currently will sing the 'good morning' song to his 10 month old brother, Dawson, just about every day multiple tines a day. They have even named the finger and hand puppets, "Tony" the tiger. 🤣 I hope we made your light shine just a little brighter today! 

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