With Denise & Ollie!

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Now Your Preschooler

Can Celebrate Their Birthday

With Ms. Denise & Ollie!

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Let Me & Ollie Join With All Your Family And Friends And Make Your Child’s Day Extra Awesome With A Special Online Preschool Birthday Celebration! 


Email Me At denise@OurCreativeKids.com

Include Your Child's Name And Their Age And I'll Do My Best To Tape A Short Video Of Me And Ollie Wishing Your Child A Happy Birthday! Please Contact Me At Least Two Weeks Before Their Birthday To Allow Time For Taping And Editing.

NOTE: I Have Been Overwhelmed With Birthday Requests And Currently Booked Thru August. I Anticipate Taking More Requests Starting In The Fall. Thank you! Denise 

Birthday Parties Are Fun AND Important!


Once A Year, It’s THEIR Special Day And Now Your Preschooler Can Celebrate Their Birthday With Miss Denise And Ollie!


Everyone Knows That Birthdays Are Lots Of Fun! Did You Know They Also Are An Important Time In Development For Our Youngest Children? In Fact, Celebrating Birthdays Is So Important That A 2017 Study Examined How Young Children Perceive Age, Aging, And Birthdays. And According To Various Research, Preschoolers Understand That They Grow But Can Be Confused By The Role Of The Birthday Party In This Biological Process.


That Makes The Birthday Party Key, No Matter How Big Or Small! These Celebrations Help To:


●     Boost A Child’s Self-Esteem.

Celebrating Him Or Her Helps A Child Feel Loved.

●     Strengthen The Bonds Of Family.

Any Size Of Birthday Celebration Means Positive Family Traditions, Which Are Good To Bolster Children’s Sense Of Security And Importance.

●     Solidify Social Relationships.

Children Can Appreciate Feelings Of Companionship And Kindness As They Relate To Friends, Grandparents, And Other Family Members Who Come Together To Celebrate THEM.

●     Produce Positive Memories.

Good Recollections Throughout Their Childhood And Of Their Youth As They Get Older Are A Solid Foundation For Children To Feel Good About Themselves.


So, Big Or Small,

Celebrate Your Child

On Their Special Day!


Take A Look At The Birthday Videos On This Page To Get An Idea Of What To Expect. I'll Send You A Digital Copy of Your Child's Birthday Video For Your Family To Enjoy And Post On Facebook & YouTube For Everyone To Help Celebrate!



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