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1) How do I access my child's Preschool Lessons? 

During the signup process you will be asked to create an account on our site, at which time you will create your own Login ID and Password. You will need your Login ID and Password to view your online Preschool Lessons and to download your weekly Supplemental Packs. We recommend that you view and complete One Online Preschool Lesson per day with your child.

2) How soon after I signup will I have access to my child's Online Preschool Lessons?

FREE Online Preschool Curriculum - Immediately! ALL Lessons are now available and they are pretty awesome if I may so myself! Ten exciting themes like FARM, OCEAN, PETS, INSECTS, COLORS, DINOSAURS, and More! Fifty free online preschool lessons in all, pick and choose based on your child's preference and individual pace! 

PAID Online Preschool CurriculumThe Spring Online Preschool Curriculum will start on March 1, 2021. Ten additional Themes, Engaging Story Time Book segments, Bonus video Mini Lessons, Bonus Practice Worksheets, and a bunch of fun Hands-On Projects!


Here are details on how the paid Online Preschool Curriculum Works...


Each Calendar Quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer) consists of 40 separate online preschool Video Lessons. Four new online Preschool Lessons are released at the beginning of each week for ten consecutive weeks (4 Weekly Lessons X 10 Weeks = 40 Lessons total).  Preschool Lessons are cumulative, which means after a lesson is released you can go back and view that lesson multiple times at your own convenience. 


3) What is the difference between the Free Curriculum and a paid subscription?


The Free Online Preschool Curriculum is designed to be approximately 3 months in length and consists of over 60 Core Preschool Lessons, Mini Lessons, Bonus Projects, and Story Time videos. I also offer other very affordable paid virtual preschool curriculums such as Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Camp. These have different preschool themes and lessons, and are just as much fun as the Free Curriculum! 

4) How long will I have online access to my child's lessons?

FREE Curriculum - You have 3 months to view your Preschool Online Learning Lessons, then your account will expire. 

PAID Curriculum - Access will vary. Example, the WINTER 2020-21 Curriculum will expire 3/03/2021. The 2021 SPRING Curriculum will start 3/1/2021 and expire 7/31/2021.

5) Do I need an internet connection to view my Free Online Preschool Lessons?  

Yes, you will need an Internet Connection and a Computer, Mobile Device or Smart TV to View your Online Preschool Lessons. 

6) How do I watch your online preschool Lessons on my TV, from my phone?

There are many different video casting apps in the app store that can be used. Here's an app called "Cast To TV"  and it's supposed to be easy to use! And here's another app that should work well "Web Video Cast".  For Apple devices try https://apple.co/31n5Mly. For all of the apps, the normal process is to open up the browser provided inside the app and paste the video link. The app will auto-detect the video on the page. Then simply by pressing the PLAY button of the app, the video can be cast to TV. 

7) I'm having problems playing your videos on my laptop, can you help? 

8) Why  am I unable to play your videos on my phone in the horizonal "full screen" mode?

There is a "Portrait Mode" or "Landscape on/off" setting on your phone, usually located under "Home Screen" or "Display". Change that setting to "Auto Rotate" or "Landscape On". You may have to restart your phone for the new setting to stick. After you restart

your phone make sure the new setting has indeed been changed.

9) Can I download your preschool Lesson videos?

No, Virtual preschool videos can only be viewed online. If you have the proper software it is of course possible to copy the Preschool Lessons online. However, we respectfully ask that copies be made strictly for personal use and not shared with others.


10) Can I share my Login ID and password with friends, family, or relatives?


All accounts, paid or free,  are to be used only by your immediate family. Immediate family is defined as yourself, your spouse, and your children. We ask that you please do not share your login credentials with others. 

Please do share our site with your friends and relatives. Then if they wish, they can setup their own individual account. 

11) How do I reset my login password?

Go to my website home page www.CreativeKidsVirtualPreschool.com, then click on "Login" which will bring you to the login form. Click on "Existing Members", then "Login with Email", and you should see "Forgot Password". Please let me know if you need any additional help.

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12) How do I open the Supplemental Pack files?

Our downloadable weekly Supplemental Packs are created as PDF files. That means you will need software capable of opening PDF files. If you have Windows 10 you are probably good to go. However, if you have Windows 10 and you are still having problems here is a LINK that may be of help.


If you do not have Windows 10 you can download free PDF software online. Search Google for “Free PDF Reader." Another option would be to purchase PDF software.


13) What is your refund policy? 

If you purchase your online preschool lessons... you can request a full refund up to 10 days from the start date of your Lessons OR 10 days for the date of your purchase. 

You can request a refund by contacting Denise at the following email address Denise@OurCreativeKids.com

What is your Privacy Policy? 

Our privacy policy is plain and simple. Your information will never be given, sold, or rented to anyone or any outside organization for any reason.

Have a question? Contact Denise at Denise@OurCreativeKids.com