BONUS Mini Lessons & Projects

These are Mini Lessons, short online preschool lessons, approximately 5-10 minutes in length, where I teach your kids about things like shapes, numbers, letters, etc.  I like to think of my Mini Lessons as “BURSTS of Fun Learning"! These are also free and not included in my regular free online preschool curriculum. They are perfect for busy on-the-go preschool moms or dads like yourself! I have also thrown in a couple of additional Free Bonus Projects, preschoolers love fun projects and so do I!

Mini Lesson 1  "Little Baker" SHAPES

Mini Lesson 2 "Race Car" NUMBERS

Mini Lesson 3 "SHAPE Train"

Mini Lesson 4  "Arctic LETTERS"

Mini Lesson 5 "Fabulous FIVE SENSES"

Mini Lesson 6 "Beautiful BIRDS"

Mini Lesson 7 "COLORS & SORTING"

Mini Lesson 8 "Wash Tub NUMBERS" 

Mini Lesson 9 "Tricky Turtles GAME" 

Mini Lesson 10 "Flower ADDITION" 

Mini Lesson 11 "Fun Safari SING ALONG" 

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Mini Lesson 12 "Reading"

BONUS Project 1 "Mr. Sun PUPPET"

BONUS Project 2 "Create Your Own KITE"

BONUS Project 3 "Grow Your Own Plant" 

BONUS Project 4 "Bubble Wrap Ocean"

BONUS Project 5 "Make Your Own WHALE"

BONUS Project 6 "Make A Super Cool EARTH"

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FREE Online Preschool Safari Animals 2 B

BONUS Project 8 Safari Animals

"Make A Monkey Swinging From A Tree"

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Virtual Preschool FREE Story Time With D

Story Time - TAKE A CHANCE!

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