BONUS Mini Lessons & Projects!

These are Mini Lessons, short online preschool lessons, approximately 5-10 minutes in length, where I teach your kids about things like shapes, numbers, letters, etc.  I like to think of my Mini Lessons as “BURSTS of Fun Learning" for your child! This is more Bonus Free stuff, not included in my regular free online preschool curriculum , perfect for busy on-the-go preschool moms or dads like yourself! I have also thrown in a couple of additional Free Bonus Projects, preschoolers do love fun projects and so do I!

Mini Lesson 1  "Little Baker" SHAPES

Mini Lesson 2 "Race Car" NUMBERS

Mini Lesson 3 "SHAPE Train"

Mini Lesson 4  "Arctic LETTERS"

Mini Lesson 5 "Fabulous FIVE SENSES"

Mini Lesson 6 "Beautiful BIRDS"

Mini Lesson 7 "COLORS & SORTING"

Mini Lesson 8 "Wash Tub NUMBERS" 

Mini Lesson 9 "Tricky Turtles GAME" 

Mini Lesson 10 "Flower ADDITION" 

Mini Lesson 11 "Fun Safari SING ALONG" 

BONUS Project 1 "Mr. Sun PUPPET"

BONUS Project 2 "Create Your Own KITE"

BONUS Project 3 "Grow Your Own Plant" 

BONUS Project 4 "Bubble Wrap Ocean"

BONUS Project 5 "Make Your Own WHALE"

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