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If you're not sure how to teach online preschool in a pre-recorded class, our Preschool All Star Denise Shields will teach you!

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In this video, you’ll learn:

00:00​ - Intro 00:50 - How to use a puppet to teach online preschool

01:20 - How to sing a preschool welcome hello song

01:55 - How to teach online winter preschool curriculum

03:30 - The 10 questions to ask your online preschoolers to keep them engaged and interacting... even when it's just a pre-recorded video!

05:00 - How to teach online preschool without sharing your screen

05:48 - How to teach hands-on activities in an online preschool class

07:10 - How to teach math and counting in an online preschool class

11:35 - How to engage preschoolers in a recorded online preschool class

14:20 - How to sound out words in online preschool

14:53 -How to play a hide and seek game in online preschool

19:20 - How to read a book in online preschool "When Winter Comes"

25:25 - How to do art and painting activities in online preschool

25:35 - How to ask questions that engage preschoolers online

28:18 - How to do sharing time on a pre-recorded virtual preschool class

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Sep 24, 2021


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