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Hi my name is Denise and  I’ve been teaching preschoolers out of my home right here in Fredericksburg Virginia for the past 13 years. What an honor and privilege it has been to teach and prepare hundreds of young boys and girls for their next journey to kindergarten & beyond. 

​In the Spring of last year, like most schools nationwide, I had  to abruptly shut down my preschool because of COVID-19. It was devastating at first, Creative Kids Preschool is my life, my  passion, and  I love my preschoolers.


However  I quickly put together a solid online preschool program for my Pre K students and together we made the adjustment.  Eventually we were even able to have a "socially distant" graduation, I am so proud of my 2020 preschool students!

Now to the point of my message, I’ve decided to share my online preschool program with you and your family at NO charge!


This is not a “Watered Down” version either, it is a complete Quarterly Online Preschool Curriculum. There are 40 Full Length Core Virtual Preschool Lessons that include some pretty Awesome activities, super Fun Educational games, downloadable worksheets, and my personal favorite... lots of virtual Story Time Segments using today's most popular children's books! 


In addition there are 20 Preschool Mini Lessons and Bonus Hands-On projects. That’s a total of 60 Free Preschool Lessons and activities that are available for your child to enjoy right now,  24/7!

Each core virtual preschool lesson is about 30 minutes long. They are Fun, Theme Based and honestly I had a lot of fun putting them together for you guys!

Your Boy or Girl Will Learn All About...




I know that you and your child will absolutely love learning online with me and my puppet  friend, Ollie The Crow.  All I ask is that you please “spread the good word” and share your child's virtual preschool experience with your friends & neighbors. 


To signup just click on the word FREE below. This will bring you to a short form that will ask you for your name and email address. 


That's it, you're good to go.  You'll have full immediate access to my entire quarterly free online preschool learning program!  


Me and Ollie can't wait for you guys to join us on this preschool online learning adventure, we are having so much fun!

Denise Shields


P.S. After you sign up you will receive a confirmation email from me, please be sure to check your spam folder!

No Gimmicks, No Charges, No Fees!

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Online Preschool Free Your kids will Love our Online Preschool Free

Literally Thousands of Preschool Parents Have Sent Me Positive Comments Regarding My Online Preschool Free Program, Here Are Just a Few Highlights...



My daughter absolutely loves every single class! She wakes up every morning saying “yesss!! Is time for school” I would never thought I would have a kid that could say those words lol she is almost three and enjoys the activities and all the show specially Ollie ! Thank you so much for these videos


I was so upset when we decided not to send my daughter to traditional pre-k this year. I wanted to try a virtual program but had no luck. I purchased several programs and printed numerous print outs to try to put my own “home schooling” curriculum together. I never felt like it was enough. Then I came across Creative Kids Virtual Preschool on a Instagram ad and I was very interested! I saw it was free and figured i would give it a try. GAME CHANGER! Not only does my four year love it but my 2 year old is engaged as well. During times like this- it was so refreshing to find something that felt normal. We feel like we

This has been an answer to a prayer I didn't know I had. I was already a homeschooler before the pandemic, so even though we weren't as social as we were used to being, I felt like I at least had the school thing under control. It was my youngest's turn to start preschool this year, and I was excited! But she was not... I just couldn't work out the best way to juggle her and her older sister, and it was kind of killing the joy for my four.


One day somebody posted Denise's virtual preschool on our co-op's Facebook page, and on a whim I signed up for the free sessions. OH MY WORD. It was the best thing that happened for preschool all year! When it reads on there "Where kids ASK to do school" this is literally true. My four watched the first thirty minute video that morning, I just turned it on to keep her occupied. I didn't really expect her to even watch the whole thing, I was sure she wouldn't stay interested without me there watching with her. But she watched the whole thing by herself! And then after lunch asked if she could watch more! That night, I turned on Denise's first farm video, just to see what my four was so enthralled with. And at the end realized that there was a little craft activity! So I put together the supplies for it and had it ready the next morning. I wish I had a picture of my four's face when she saw that SHE got to make her own real life farm just like Ms. Denise did! Now every day we turn on a video, and I have the craft set out for her to do when she's done, and it's like magic sparkles have rained on our school days. Sometimes Ms. Denise's classes are a reward for my first grader if she gets all her work done! I can't believe it. I Quickly purchased the Spring curriculum as soon as I realized this was going to be part of the rest of our school year. I cannot thank you enough! *virtual hug!*