Hi my name is Denise and Creative Kids Preschool is my passion. I’ve been teaching preschoolers out of my home for the past 12 years, right here in the town of Fredericksburg, Virginia. What an honor and privilege it has been to teach and prepare hundreds of young boys and girls for their next journey to kindergarten and beyond.  

This past Spring, like most schools in the country, I had to abruptly shut down my preschool because of COVID-19. It was devastating at first. But I quickly put together a solid online preschool program for my students, we made the adjustment, and it allowed us  to have a bit of closure at the end of the preschool year.

Now to the point of my message. I just finished putting the final touches on my brand new online preschool curriculum for Fall 2020, and I’ve decided to share the entire preschool course with you and your family at no charge. There are 40 free preschool lessons that include some awesome activities and engaging Story Time books. Each lesson is about 30-35 minutes long. They are Fun, Theme Based and I really enjoyed putting them together.

Why am I giving them away for free? Good question, and there are two answers. First, I'd like to do my part to help those families that are effected by COVID-19. Currently, for many preschool moms and dads throughout the country, a "brick and mortar" preschool for their young children is simply not an option.

Secondly, I  know that you and your child will absolutely love learning online with me and my friend, Ollie The Crow.  I’m hoping that you will “spread the good word” and share your child's virtual preschool experience with your friends & neighbors.  I do plan to charge about $2 per lesson for my upcoming future online preschool classes, Winter and Spring of 2021.

Just click on the Preschool Lessons button below and you will be brought to my Home page.  Next, at the very bottom of my Home page click the word FREE.  A form should appear on your screen that will ask you for your name and email address.  That's it, you're good to go.  After you signup I would love for you to please join our Facebook Group.


Me and Ollie can't wait for you and your child to join us on this learning adventure, we are going to have so much fun!

Denise Shields

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