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Online Preschool Lessons NIGHT/DAY! Virtual Preschool Program Creative Kids w/Denise & Ollie!

NIGHT/DAY Online Preschool Themed Unit We All Know That The Natural World Looks, Feels, And Sounds Different Depending On If It’s Light Or Dark Outside. And Even Though Night And Day May Seem Like Common Concepts To An Adult, They Aren't Always Fully Understood By A Preschooler. Night & Day Week Explores The Four Subthemes Of ANIMALS, FLOWERS, SKY, And ACTIVITIES. We’ve Already Explored Animals Who Are More Active At Night During My “Nocturnal Animals Theme”, So We’ll Be Ready To Look At More Differences In Animal Behavior During The Day Versus After The Sun Goes Down, Plus The Effects Of Sunlight And Darkness On Flowers; The Reasons Why The Sky Changes With Daylight; And Fun Things To Do With Friends During Light Or Dark. Ollie And I Enjoy Watching Your Boy Or Girl Take On Activities That Boost What They Learn, And We’ll Lead The Way To Both Knowledge And The Power Of Play!

Come Join Denise & Ollie The Crow For A Unique Fun Filled Educational Preschool Adventure And Get Over 70 Of My Best Virtual Preschool Lessons For FREE! Immediate Access, No Fees, No Card Required! 1000's of Positive Reviews! FAST & FREE Sign-up! CreativeKidsVirtualPreschool.come!

virtual preschool online themed lessons Creative Kids Virtual Preschool w/Denise & Ollie!

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