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Online Preschool Learning Lessons "ALL ABOUT ME"! Creative Kids Virtual Preschool w/Denise & Ollie!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Supplement your preschoolers early education with Online Preschool Learning Lessons at Creative Kids Virtual Preschool in Fredericksburg Virginia! These are my ALL ABOUT ME Themed Lessons, which are part of my YEAR ROUND online preschool program! It’s Time To Turn The Spotlight To The Little Human That Preschoolers See In The Mirror During All About Me Week. Subtopics Are: MY BODY, MY FEELINGS, MY FAMILY, And ME. With Ollie And Me As Their Leaders, Your Child Will Learn More About Their Physical Selves, Mental/Emotional Selves, Relatives And Household, And Their Own Uniqueness, Such As Their Favorite Things, Like Color, Food, And Animals. We’ll Help Them Answer The All-Important Question, "Who Am I?"

Activities Will Reinforce What The Children Learn During This Week, But They May Not Notice The Layered Learning — They’ll Be Too Busy Having Fun!

Come join us for a virtual preschool adventure like no other, Your Child Will ASK To Do School!


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