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Is the Online Learning Format Beneficial for Kids?

The pandemic has led to the increased adoption of online learning at all levels, including preschool education. In 2020, a publication by UNICEF concluded that 60% of countries implemented remote learning policies for pre-primary education — a trend which has continued today. The same report also deduced that these remote learning opportunities eventually saw reduced dropouts and repetitions during primary and secondary level education. But if you need more evidence, below are some of the other major benefits of online learning for kids.

Increased parental involvement The aforementioned report by UNICEF heavily emphasized how parental involvement at the preschool level is important. With virtual learning, parents can keep an eye on their children more closely. The student can directly ask the guidance of their parents to complete a task or understand a topic. This also allows parents to guide their young kids in using technology for their studies. At the same time they can teach how to use these devices responsibly. But most importantly: children get that one-on-one attention they normally cannot receive in preschool. This increased the bond between parent and child.

Dynamic learning advantages

Online learning is not limited to kids attending lessons through video conferencing software; this setup also encourages the use of other tech tools like online games, programs, and mobile apps. In fact, a study posted on Maryville University found that 81% of educators believe that technology “enables students to get more hands-on experience during lessons.” This increases classroom engagement, allowing students to absorb the material more effectively. A good example is KidBlog, which allows kids to publish blog posts in a teacher-moderated environment. It makes literacy classes more fun. Parents can also find apps that can supplement the material covered in online preschool. For instance, there is Elmo Loves the 123s, an app that contains games, activities, and videos that can help young children learn basic math.

Customized learning environment

Online learning does not require the student to physically go to school. Not only is this convenient, but the family is free to customize their home to better suit their needs and preferences. For example, those with special needs can have the proper equipment to suit their needs built into their learning station. Meanwhile, utilizing gardens or yards can make science projects fun by having a place to interact with the environment, as opposed to only observing pictures or books in a traditional classroom. Dr. Gwnen Dewar even notes how certain studies found that things like natural light improve mood and concentration in kids, which is something parents can easily arrange. Parents can also buy the tables and chairs to separate them from their bed or couch. Online learning has many benefits, especially for younger children, such as increased parental involvement. It is also more convenient and engaging. In fact, if you want to learn more about this topic, check out our article "Online Preschool Benefits".

Article contributed by Rina Johnson

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