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Virtual Preschool Online Learning Series SPRINGTIME! Creative Kids Virtual Preschool Denise & Ollie

The Busiest Season Of The Year Is The Focus Of This Week's Highlighted Online Preschool Theme, SPRINGTIME!

Ollie And I Will Tackle The Topics OF SPRINGTIME Weather, Plants, Animals, And Activities With Your Kids As We Explore Springtime. The Natural World Seems Quiet For Winter, And It Comes Alive In A New Way Each Spring. We’ll Help Preschoolers Identify Special Activities Of Plants And Animals When Mother Nature Awakes Again Each Year. They’ll Have Lots Of Super Fun Projects Too, That Will Assist Them In Learning These Lessons And Enjoying This Special Week!

SPRINGTIME is part of my YEAR ROUND Virtual Preschool Program, Your Child Will ASK To Do School! #onlinepreschool #virtualpreschool #preschoolonline #preschoolonlinelearning

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