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Virtual Preschool Online Program PLANTS! Creative Kids Virtual Preschool w/Denise & Ollie!

PLANTS is part of my YEAR ROUND Virtual Preschool program here at Creative Kids Virtual Preschool.

Typical Preschoolers May Know More About Wildlife Than Plant Life, So My Online Preschool PLANTS Unit Expands Their World In A New Way And We Will Explore The Following: The Life Cycle Of A Plant, Parts Of A Plant, What A Plant Needs, And Types Of Plants.

The Magic In My Classroom Is That Ollie And I Cheerfully Lead Your Children Through The Complicated Workings Of Nature In A Simplified And Super Fun Way!

Come join me and my friend Ollie the Crow for an online preschool learning adventure like no other, your child will ASK to do school! onlinepreschool #preschoolonline #virtualpreschool

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