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Virtual Preschool Online Learning Lessons FOREST ANIMALS! Creative Kids Virtual Preschool

FOREST ANIMALS is this week's online preschool theme for my YEAR ROUND members!

Cats And Dogs Are Fun, But What About Animals That We Usually Don't Get Close To? Forests Are Home To A Wide Range Of Creatures And We’ll Learn More About Them During Forest Animals Week. We'll Discuss Some Of The Larger Forest Animals, Like BEARS, DEER, And MOOSE, As Well As The SMALLER MAMMALS, SQUIRRELS, RACCOONS, FOXES, And OWLS! Ollie The Crow And I Will Teach About The Wild Creatures Who Live In The Forest, With Fascinating Facts Such As: Owls Can’t Move Their Eyes; They Have To Turn Their Heads To See. A Moose Can Run Up To 35 Miles Per Hour! When We Add Fun Activities To The Mix, Your Preschooler Will Soon Be Singing, Drawing And Giggling Their Way To Lots Of Knowledge! #onlinepreschool #virtualpreschool #preschoolonline

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