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Online Preschool Lessons LIFE CYCLES! Creative Kids Virtual Preschool w/Denise & Ollie!

Online Preschool Year-Round Lessons, LIFE CYCLES Theme!

Your Preschooler Will Learn All About The Unique Growth Stages Of Frogs, Butterflies, Sea Turtles, And Chickens In My Life Cycles Unit. Each Has A Complicated Story Of “Growing Up” And We’ll Be Sure To Explore The Different Stages, Having Fun As We Go! Frogs, For Example, Are Amphibians Who Go From Eggs To Tadpoles To Tadpoles With Legs, Then To Froglets, And Finally To Adult Frogs. Ollie And I Will Help Simplify These Layers Of The Cycles Of Life As We Guide Your Children Through Them And Help Your Student Remember Their Lessons By Packing In Plenty Of Neat Activities! #onlinepreschool #virtualpreschool #preschoolonline

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