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Online Preschool Lessons HIBERNATION Theme! Creative Kids Virtual Preschool w/Denise & Ollie!

AVA loves doing virtual preschool crafts. This is her Bat Hat!
My Online Student AVA Proudly Displays Her BAT HAT!


What Does It Mean To Hibernate And Where Do Animals Go When It’s Cold Outside? What Are Some Of The Animals That Hibernate? Your Sharp-As-A-Tack Preschooler May Already Know That Bears Hibernate, But Do They Know That Box Turtles Do Too? During Online Preschool Hibernation Week Here At Creative Kids Virtual Preschool, We’ll Explore The Lives Of BOX TURTLES, BATS, BEARS, And BUMBLE BEES, With Ollie And Me Sneaking Fun Activities Into Every Lesson! Of Course, We’ll Start By Learning What That Big Word “Hibernation,” Means! Your Children Will Jump Right Into New Knowledge Such As How Do Animals Prepare For Hibernation And What Do Animals Do When They Wake Up From Hibernation? Humans Can’t Hibernate, But Our Little Humans Will Learn Lots About Creatures That Do!

HIBERNATION is part of my comprehensive YEAR ROUND online preschool program, where your child will enjoy over 450 virtual preschool learning videos!

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