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Online Preschool FREE Lessons PETS! Creative Kids Virtual Preschool w/Denise & Ollie!

The Online Preschool fun continues this week with PETS! Pets Are Super Cute & Adorable, and I Believe I've Owned Almost Every Kind Of Pet You Can Imagine!

You can bet your child will be paying close attention as I teach and share information about DOGS, CATS, SMALL ANIMALS, WATER PETS, AND MORE! A variety of fun projects along with fact-filled lessons will pique your child's interest. The Great Dane is the world's tallest dog, standing taller than our preschoolers! Did you know cats can jump six times their own height? This is the type of information your children will learn during our Pets week. It's also important because if your family has pets, your student will learn more about them.

If your family does not have pets, this week will undoubtedly provide opportunities for them to feel more at ease when they do meet pets. Are birds like Ollie suitable as pets? As we learn about PETS this week, we're sure to get lots of questions like this one!

DETAILS For PETS Daily Video Lessons Can Be Found HERE...

And Here Is A List Of The Story Books I'll Be Reading Your Kids!

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