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FREE Online Preschool Lessons COMMUNITY HELPERS Lets Make A Fire Hat Creative Kids Virtual Preschool

Free Online Preschool Lessons Community Helpers Let's Make A Fire Hat!

Hi boys and girls, my FREE Preschool Online Series COMMUNITY HELPERS is in the spotlight this week, so let's continue the fun with a really cool craft!

We are going to make our very own Fire Hat! Look at the number on my Fire Hat, #8, just like in our StoryTime book "Fire Bears To The Rescue"! This craft is simple and very easy.

You'll need a Paper Plate, Paint or Markers or Crayons, Yellow Paper, & Scissors.

I would love it if your grownup could take a picture & show me on Facebook what you're Fire Hat looks like! Come join me and Ollie for an online preschool experience like no other, Creative Kids Virtual Preschool!

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