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Finishing the online preschool year with free PETS lessons at Creative Kids Virtual Preschool!

Creative Kids Virtual Preschool finishes the online preschool year with Pets lessons!

This week, our free online preschool is wrapping up the year with PETS lessons!


Pets are incredibly cute and adorable, and I think I've personally owned nearly every type of pet imaginable!


Your child will be especially engaged as I teach and share about dogs, cats, small animals, aquatic pets, and more! A variety of fun projects combined with informative lessons will captivate your child's interest.


If your family has pets, your child will learn more about them. If not, this week's lessons will surely provide moments that help them feel comfortable around pets.


There are no fees, and prerecorded lessons are available around the clock for your child's enjoyment!


Visit PETS and let the fun begin!


Love, Denise

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