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ARCTIC ANIMALS Online Preschool Learning Lessons, Creative Kids Virtual Preschool w/Denise & Ollie!

BRRRR! Come Join Me And Ollie For Some Frozen Fun As We Kick Off My Winter Online Preschool Curriculum With ARCTIC ANIMALS!

Our Arctic Animals Week Is A Warm Introduction To A Cold Climate Featuring POLAR BEARS, PENGUINS, SEALS, And OWLS. From The Cuddly Looking Polar Bear To The Funny Walking Penguin, Your Preschooler Will Learn Lots Of Facts About These Animals That Live In A Place Where Few People Visit. Did You Know That Polar Bears Are Great Swimmers And Very Patient Hunters? Ollie And I Will Teach The Children That Penguins Don’t Fly, And Even If They Know That, They Might Not Know That These Black And White Birds Have Flippers, Not Wings! A Variety Of Activities Will Keep Your Kids On Their Toes And Help Them Remember All The Fun Things They Learn During This Week!

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