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The Winner Of My Giant Ant Farm Online Preschool Free Giveaway Is...

Congrats To Lori DeSilva and her son Evan, they are the winners of my online preschool Free Spring Giveaway, a Giant Ant Farm!

All of my preschoolers love this ant farm and I know you will too Evan! And thank you Lori for sharing your special memories with us on Facebook! I'll have another free giveaway this upcoming Fall!

Please tell Evan I said Hi and I hope you guys have an awesome summer!

P.S. Tomorrow!

Keep an eye out for a special Graduation message from me and Ollie!

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Lori Dasilva
Lori Dasilva
22 may 2023

Thank you so much! My son Evan was so excited to know he won. We will definitely share a video once we get the ant farm and set it up. He said, "I love you Ms. Denise!"

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