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Online Preschool Lessons GEOLOGY Theme! Creative Kids Virtual Preschool w/Denise & Ollie!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Online Preschool lessons Geology theme

GEOLOGY - We’ll Keep Our Attention “Steady As A Rock” During Geology Week, As Preschoolers Are Fascinated By Rocks And Small, Gleaming Objects. With Subthemes Of Rocks, Minerals, Gems, And Fossils, Ollie And I Have Plenty Of Online Preschool Activities Planned As We “Dig Deep” Into These Topics!

If Your Preschoolers Don’t Yet Have A Rock Collection, They Will Be Ready To Start One After Learning Lots About Geology. It’s Time To Explore The Layers Of The Earth, And Learning About Fossils Brings Up A Classic Children’s Favorite: Dinosaurs! We Don’t Even Have To Try To Have Fun During Geology Week — It Just Comes Naturally!

GEOLOGY Is Now Part of My YEAR ROUND Virtual Preschool Program! Come Join Me And Ollie For An Online Preschool Experience Like No Other! See You Soon!

GEOLOGY Preschool Online Learning Lesson 3 "GEMS", We Make Rock Candy!

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