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Online Preschool Learning Lessons SAFARI ANIMALS! Creative Kids Virtual Preschool w/Denise & Ollie!

Hi Boys and Girls, for SAFARI ANIMALS this week we are going to make a Giraffe out of the letter G, because Giraffe begins with G!

For this project, you will need some yellow & white paper, markers, gluestick, & a googly eye (optional). I would love for you to share your letter G giraffe with me on Facebook when you are finished, that would absolutely make my day!

SAFARI ANIMALS is part of my YEAR-ROUND online preschool curriculum.

Come Join Denise & Ollie The Crow For A Unique Fun Filled Educational Preschool Online Curriculum Adventure! Preschool Virtual Learning Lessons Include PETS, COLORS, INSECTS, DINOSAURS, SEASONS, OCEAN, COLORS, ALL ABOUT FARMS, NUTRITION & Much More! #onlinepreschool #preschoolonline #virtualpreschool #preschoolonlinelearning

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