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Online Preschool FREE - COLORS Lesson #1 "Rainbow Colors" Creative Kids With Denise & Ollie!

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

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Virtual Preschool Theme COLORS, Day 1 “RAINBOW COLORS”! Let's start our first day of COLORS with a rainbow Sing-A-Long on my felt board. Next, our letter of the week is "C" so how about we play a game and find out where that letter C is hiding! Then we'll use some very bright and gigantic "crayons" to review our colors, followed by our online preschool Story Time Book "Penguins Love Colors" written by Sarah Aspinall. For our daily project we will make ourselves a very cool picture with red, yellow, and blue colored water. I can't wait to see your cool picture, be sure to post it on Facebook for me!

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