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Hi and Thank You for purchasing my Spring Virtual Preschool Curriculum! I am super excited about Spring and I know you and your child will love learning online with me and my friend Ollie the Crow! 


My Spring Curriculum is packed with a whole bunch of fun educational stuff for your preschooler, including 4 Core Lessons, 4 Bonus Mini Lessons and 4 additional Projects EACH week!  


Here are some important things for you to know…


1)  Lessons will begin on 3/1/2021 and expire on 7/15/2021, giving you and your child plenty of time to take full advantage of everything the Spring program has to offer!


2) Here are the 10 weekly Lesson Themes for Spring…










IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE… (Book series)

3) A new theme of video lessons will be released each Monday for 10 consecutive weeks. The first set of weekly lessons will be released on Monday, March 1.

4) The weekly supplemental lesson worksheets are released the previous Thursday to the release of the videos. So for the first week of "Fairy Tales" the worksheets will be available on Thursday, February 25.


Links to download the Supplemental Worksheets can be found at the bottom of each weekly themed page. 


5)  The Spring Facebook Group is now ready to accept new members. Please GO HERE to request membership if you have purchased the SPRING Lessons and are interested in joining us on Facebook. 

The Spring Facebook page will not officially begin until March 1st, so please do not post in the Spring Group until March 1, thank you! 

6) The Book List and Project Supply List are updated periodically, so it is best to download them weekly. Both Lists can be found HERE, scroll to the bottom. 

That's all for now. 


Thank you for your support, it means the world to me!


Denise and Ollie

P.S. Please be sure to test your Login access to the Spring Lessons. Go to the menu button at the top of this page and click "Spring Lessons".